Virtual Employee

Would you like to expand your business or project without all the hidden costs of recruiting and maintaining staff?

Are you overwhelmed by the options and too busy to figure it out?  Are you and your organization drowning in admin tasks?

Need staff but you don’t have adequate budget or time to recruit?

Don’t know how?

If you answered YES then we have the right solution for you.

Conjugate Virtual Staffing provides a variety of virtual staffing solutions to increase the efficiency and bottom line of your organization. Our virtual staff works from our offices using email, internet and other technologies to serve our clients in an array of industries.

“Virtual Employee” is yourprofessionally trained virtual employee who is a member of a team of similar experts at Conjugate office and provides dedicated contractual services at a subsidized rate to the client organization that find it difficult managing their internal employees due to lack of managerial bandwidth and focus. The employee is legally on the payroll of Conjugate.

We provide clients with professional virtual employees and virtual admin assistants. We can serve your organization with round the clock 24X7 support or on an hourly basis e.g. 40-160 hours per month and can quickly build a custom team to fill specific business processes across industries.

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Virtual Assistant:

Admin work is important and very time consuming.  VA’s take care of the details so your organization can focus on its highest priorities.  VA’s handle a wide variety of tasks for our clients like: writing articles, business development research, incoming and outgoing calls, data entry, spreadsheets, online ad posting, contact management, tracking corporate metrics, managing calendars and contacts, booking and confirming appointments and screening staff or tenants.

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Virtual Employee:

Virtual Employees are remote staff that is specially recruited to meet the precise demands of your organization for a specific skill set.    These remote employees are managed and trained by your organization while allowing you save on the 40% additional cost of having in-house employees.

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