Diversity Hiring

Conjugate has special focus on diversity hiring. We help companies recruit diverse and specially abled candidates.

Focus is to align our talent search with Company’s Diversity & Inclusion policy.

With a high caliber team, vast talent pool network and database, Conjugate has distinctive edge in working with leading companies across the world supporting them with routine & diversity hiring.

What We Do:


  • Understand the Diversity & Inclusion journey and goals for clients.
  • Work with HR – Talent Acquisition – Talent Management Teams to have diverse workforce
  • Help clients to identify, evaluate, and recruit diverse talent across various levels and locations.

External Talent Pool

  • Executive search for Diversity leadership hiring
  • Ensure diverse talent representation in routine hiring
  • Diversity positions – Talent search for diversity positions. Gender diversity & Differently abled candidates hiring
  • Our strength lies in understanding the complexities in the recruitment and competence matching areas.

Internal Talent Pool

  • Qualitative interview of female employees
  • Report on IGP aspirations and skill gap analysis
  • Report on mentoring requirements
  • Annual plan on skill enhancement and retention


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